The Return of Pouding Chômeur

When I picked Thing 1 up from school yesterday, he told me we had to find a dish from Canada to bring to school TODAY for a tasting party. Apparently the sheet that he got last week which explained all this got lost in the depths of his backpack. Each kid picked a country that they had studied and were supposed to bring in food from that country.

Fortunately for me, I had a French-Canadian dessert recipe in my back pocket. And this dessert is made with items already in my house (sugar, sugar, and more sugar), so there was no need to run to the grocery store.

Weird thing about the dough – it floats. I hope this was normal.

So aside from the pouding for Thing 1, I also cooked some in a ramekin so we could try it without sampling the one for the school. SWEET and TASTY are two words that come to mind. Thing 1′s teacher said it was to die for. And I kept thinking how good it would be with some vanilla ice cream on top.

Best of all, Thing 1 and I got to spend some quality kitchen time together.

So what about you? Have you ever had to whip something up when you were completely unprepared for it?