About Herb Girl

So you know how people who have different professions use a slash to separate them? I’m def a slasher.

I’m a writer/massage therapist/ herb enthusiast :-)

I’ve been writing with aspiring publishing dreams since 07, been a massage therapist since 05, and an herb enthusiast all my life.

It started with my parents who decided anti-biotics were an endless cycle and took the natural route with my brother and I. To this day, instead of dayquil/nyquil… we take Propolis for immune function.

I am self taught. All my research, I do for me and I help friends along the way. Ask my mom who was pushing the diabetes threshold until I saw What a Relief! hosted by Amanda Mcquade Crawford, Herbalist RH (AGH) of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

You should always consult a physician and do your own research. Remember, you live in your body and as owner, you make all the decisions yourself. No one else can feel what you are feeling and it’s important to realize that :-)