About Abigail (and her weekly menu)

Whatever is going on in my house, it’s most likely happening in the kitchen. Come find out what’s going on in our kitchens and tell us what’s going on in yours!

I’m making an effort to plan my dinners for the week at the beginning of the week instead of freaking out when I don’t know what to cook.

The Menu for the Week of June 25:

Sunday: Chinese food.  We went to the in-laws for the weekend and spent the day at the beach.  Too tired to go shopping and cook.
Monday: Leftover Chinese food.
Tuesday:  Spaghetti.  We’re having a really easy week here.
Wednesday:  Tacos!
Thursday:  Tuna Noodleriffic
Friday:  Not sure.  Any ideas?

I have a personal blog at abigailsharpe and you can contact me at abigail.writes at yahoo dot com.

Here’s part of my kitchen on a good day. I’m not sure yet if you’ll see it on a bad one.