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Guest Elle Cosimano: Miss Donna’s Sweet Onion Spoonbread

This week, I’m honored to have an old friend as our Guest Chick. Elle Cosimano is an up-and-coming YA Thriller author.

Last week, she invited me to her house to sample her spoonbread (which is cornbread so rich that you need a spoon) recipe. I snapped photos and listened as she told the story of old family friends, Miss Donna and Pops.

But I think I’ll let Elle tell you the story of her cornbread in her own words! :)

Some people associate romance with chocolate and oysters.

Or strawberries and champagne.

I think of cornbread.


Guest Elle Cosimano: Miss Donna’s Sweet Onion Spoonbread | Chicklets in the Kitchen




Because Miss Donna’s Sweet Onion Spoonbread brings back those muggy July nights – wet newspapers and mountains of Maryland Blue Crabs, Margarita pitchers sweating rings on the glass top tables and citronella candles burning lemon smoke into the still night air. Those tequila sunset nights when Pops would pull Miss Donna in close and make her cackle while they danced to The Drifters, The Beach Boys and The Supremes.  Those nights, my parents would get up and dance too, because Pops and Donna were contagious together. Read the rest of this entry


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