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Spinach Roll-Ups

 Hello again! It has been a while since I have posted, but I have been kind of busy lately. I have decided to take on a new task these days. Instead of going with the old favorites of my family, or exotic meats, I am instead going to go through old recipe books that I have lying around. Many of them were passed down from my mother, who is still alive, but no longer uses these books (or never used them in the first place!)

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Speedy Stovetop Cranberry Sauce | Chicklets in the Kitchen

Break out the cranberries

Does your holiday table laden with all the trimmings include cranberry sauce? Or is cranberry jelly persona non grata at family celebrations? I have to admit, as a kid, I wasn’t much of a fan of the stuff. Mom (or grandma, or some other relative) would dump the can on a plate and slice it. Was I surprised when I discovered cranberry sauce doesn’t have to be a sickeningly sweet, gelatinous mass.

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From our kitchen to yours …

Happy Thanksgiving from The Chicklets! Whether your feast is traditional, vegetarian, low-carb or gluten-free, we hope your day is full of great company and fantastic food. I, Arlene, will be enjoying chicken, sweet potatoes and green beans that in my Crock Pot while I attend a Thanksgiving Day Jazzercise class. Then I’ll spend the afternoon/evening at the newspaper office, putting Thursday’s news in Friday’s paper. What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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Cottage Pie | Chicklets in the Kitchen

Cottage Pie

Hello! I am back again with a quick recipe that I sort of threw together last night from left-overs! This past weekend I had a fun time cooking for a group of about thirty teenagers and adults at a local state park, where they were doing their annual retreat in preparation for a medieval fair that they perform in every year. I have done this for a number of years now, and am starting to get it down to a science in the preparation and…

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Fabulous Fall Slaw by Arlene Hittle| Chicklets in the Kitchen

Fall slaw for one

Because I cook for myself—and only myself—almost all of the time, I have trouble with recipes made for a crowd. Giant bowls of potato salad, pasta salad and my favorite Broccoli Crunch Salad are hard for me to polish off before they go bad. My concerted effort to spend more time in the kitchen this month is paying off with a slew of new recipes to try. The one I’m sharing today, Fall Slaw, is a variation on the Fall Slaw with Asian Pears and…

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Thanksgiving’s Coming–And I Need A GOOD Gluten-Free Crust

I hate making crust. I mean I hated it when I could eat wheat. It probably has something to do with the fact that I could never roll out the dough right. It was always too think or too lumpy or too crumbly. Now that I’m gluten-free I can’t find a crust that tastes yummy. Most of the year that’s not a big deal, but Thanksgiving is coming and I REALLY want a good old-fashioned pumpkin pie. So I’m turning to you Chicklets readers… Do…

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Characters gotta eat, right?

Less food. More sex. That was the gist of the critique from one of the first friends who read my manuscript for BLIND DATE BRIDE. She explained that food is often a metaphor for…well, you know—and I should just get my hero and heroine in bed instead. Being the kind of gal who loves to read steamy scenes, I took her advice to heart.

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Running Out of Time by Cheryl Norman |

How Breast Cancer Altered My Meals with Guest Chick Cheryl Norman

Please welcome back to the kitchen, Cheryl Norman! She’s here to help us learn how to fight breast cancer by eating the right kinds of foods. Congratulations on winning your battle and through it all never giving up! And yay on your newest release, RUNNING OUT OF TIME! It’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In 2010, I underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments to rid my body of breast cancer. Happily, I’m 3½ years as a survivor today, but I’m still under treatment. For…

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Gluten-Free Girl and Guest Chick JODI VAUGHN!

I’m so excited to welcome another LaLa-lovely author, Jodi Vaughn. She’s got a lot to tell us today, so I’ll jump right in with the interview. GFG: What’s your favorite food?                               JV: Chocolate and Pinot Noir GFG: Hmm…I love both of those too! Now, what’s your least favorite food? JV: Licorice and Peppers GFG: *shudders* I like peppers but not when combined with licorice. Let’s move on to something tastier. How about literature… What three books influenced you the most in life?

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